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Staff Spotlight: General Manager – Adjo Dede Asare

By alfred | Comments: 0 | November 27, 2017


Experienced Designer and Manufacturer of exquisite African print apparel.

Sources contracts with private and governmental institutions. Manages human resource, is proprietor of the Alfie Designs Fashion School and manages company outlets in Ghana, Uganda, and Sierra Leone.



Alfie Designs was originally founded by Mrs. Asare’s mother, Afi Nyarko, in 1990.
Over time it has grown from a small seamstress’ shop to an established fashion label, churning out men’s and women’s fashion designs targeted at the middle class, and exhibiting in trade shows across Africa.

Mrs. Asare joined Alfie in 2008 first as a volunteer. She realised that there was significant potential for the business to excel and cross even more borders, hire more workers and expand its premises. She sought to streamline operations and assumed the position of CEO after 2 years, handling all business-related activities while her mother remains founder and continues her passion for sewing and teaching others to sew properly.

The business has grown exponentially; from a staff of 25 to an all-time high of 105, their online presence mushroomed over the course of the last few years, they now have three shops in the capitol, as well as others in East and West Africa. Alfie Designs also stocks a large number of private boutiques in the United States, Nigeria, Togo, Benin, Uganda, Kenya, Sierra Leone and Mali.

Mrs. Asare won a USADF grant that funded the start of the Alfie’s Fashion School; an initiative where the company recruits and trains young underprivileged girls in the tailoring arts, to give them skills they can use to make something of themselves.

Adjo also regularly attends the Sourcing at MAGIC exhibition and the NY-NOW market held in the United States, to exhibit some of Alfie’s new designs and do business with their international clients.


Adjo became a YALI Citi Entrepreneur after applying and being selected to become a YALI Fellow in 2016

As a Citi Entrepreneur Mrs. Asare has special privileges to travel to Citi branches in West Africa and engage Citi staff in business discussions about Alfie Designs.


She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from the University of Ghana, and a Business Administration certificate from the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration.

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