The Alfie Designs Fashion School

By alfred | Comments: 0 | November 27, 2017

There’s a number of things that as a company we could have done to give back to the community which has helped shape us to become the brand we are. We decided to look inward; into our company and into ourselves, and decided to create our own Fashion School, right here in our Factory in Kaneshie, Accra.

Why a fashion school? Because we didn’t want to just give back items or products that don’t exist after one or several uses, we wanted to give something much more valuable. Skills.

We seek out underprivileged girls, inviting them to come learn the arts of tailoring and fashion design, and how to produce units in large quantities using the line-system of production. The girls are taken through a 6 month course where they learn and top-up on the basics of sewing, the different sewing machines and their purposes, and making different types of apparel. At the end of the course, they graduate and are offered a contract to work as Alfie Designs staff as salaried workers.

We recognize how hard it is for young underprivileged people, particularly young women, to make a living in a world that’s left them struggling to get an education, or raise a child by themselves, or even fund themselves to live. Because of this, our Fashion School is completely free. There are no charges for anything; we’re here to help them earn something for themselves, not take away what precious little they have left.

We’re grateful to the USADF for helping fund this project with a grant that made the school a possibility, and are actively looking for more funding to keep it running. Running a school with all considered logistics is definitely not cheap.

Is it worth it you might ask?

When we see the change in these girls, changes in the way they think, their new sense of purpose, the hope, the faith, the building strength, the drive to achieve goals and targets they set for themselves…

We say yes. Yes it is.

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