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African Fashion, With a Twist

By alfred | Comments: 0 | November 7, 2017

Alfie Designs is a fashion label that specializes in making African Print clothes for men and women. Over the years quality products, reliable customer service and prompt delivery schedules have taken us from single and small scale orders, and elevated us to a full blown clothes manufacturing company with clients all over Ghana and much of the African continent.


Alfie Designs has overtime moved into children’s fashion, and recently have started releasing designs tailored to meet the style needs of our new and more youthful clientele. These chic and trendy designs have attracted quite a number of Private labels including Mansawear in Rochester, New York and Hlamvu in Johannesburg, South Africa, and a number of stores in Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone. Alfie Designs is a regular participant in Trade Fairs, and now Fashion shows in these countries.

As much as Alfie produces uniforms and other more custom orders for a number of top ranking corporate institutions in Ghana, it’s still a fashion label which produces unique designs tailored for the middle class. Our simple, elegant and catchy designs are starting to turn quite a number of heads, and we’ve taken up accessory designs with great gusto.

2016 was a huge year for Alfie; we became YALI Fellows, and Our CEO Adjo Dede Asare became a CITI Entrepreneur. Our Social media presence exploded, and social media front hard with beautiful images of some of our best dreams made reality. Our accessory department churns out new designs on the regular, imitating and augmenting our previous designs, always tinkering, always finding new ways to do old things with it groundbreaking opportunities. We ran a 4-month long sale campaign, starting from 30% to a whooping 50% off everything in all our shops across the Capital city and in Sierra Leone. And in December we upped it to 70% over weekend

But Alfie isn’t all about making clothes and making a name for ourselves; recognizing the hardships in the community and knowing only too well how difficult It can get when trying to make a living in present Sub Saharan Africa, Alfie took on an initiative to train willing young men and women in the community in tailoring skills, to help them earn a living and make something of themselves.


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